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"We are who we are"

Garrison Keillor

KaroTech, Inc. is a manufacturing company located in Oxford, Connecticut. KaroTech, Inc. is a manufacturer of drawn metal components, providing laser welding, 3D printing, tool design and technical consulting services both domestically and globally. We have a strong emphasis on next generation battery development for areas such as electric vehicle, portable energy and grid storage systems, ammunition--law enforcement, and medical industries.


KaroTech, Inc. is a manufacturing laboratory for larger manufacturing companies. We research, engineer, develop and produce products for testing at our facility. We work closely with our Customers to ensure compliance with engineering and quality requirements.

We encourage employee participation in the implementation of new methods and procedures in all areas of the production process. These developments result in increased efficiencies and greater productivity.


We are dedicated to providing education and training to employees to increase skill levels.




KaroTech, Inc. is committed to comply with requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. It is our policy to pursue Customer satisfaction by obtaining a clear understanding of our Customer's requirements, manufacturing products of the highest quality and encouraging employees at all levels to continuously seek improvements to our processes, products and Customer service.

KaroTech, Inc.

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